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Today, we would be talking about the effects of dandruff on the face? Suffering from dandruff is a common issue that most of us suffer from. Dandruff being a common hair problem, we keep on trying endless ways to keep our scalp clean and dandruff free. Dandruff not only affects your scalp condition but experts have proved that it can also affect your face and skin as well.
So in today’s article, we would be speaking about the effects of dandruff on the face. Yes, guys, dandruff can lead to serious problems on your facial skin. So read till the end!

1. Results in Acne:

Not one but several studies have found that dandruff can result in a serious acne issue. Dandruff can be one of the most common reasons behind your acne or a pimple on the face. If untreated for a long time, the acne may get bigger throughout the day and lead to many problems. Sometimes, you may also experience heavy and huge pimples on the skin due to dandruff problems.

2. Skin Itching:

Another common problem that can be due to dandruff is skin itching. Dandruff can cause skin itching which may be severe sometimes. You may also find redness on skin or inflammation which is generally due to skin itching. On a serious note, you should consult a dermatologist to get the problem healed.

3. Inflammation Of Skin:

Due to dandruff flakes, it may result in inflammation of the skin as well. This may get worse if you have dry skin. Sometimes, the effect of these dandruff flakes can be extended to the neck, chest region and back. Many even suffer from back acne due to severe dandruff problems.

4. Dry Skin:

The effect of dandruff flake on your skin depends on your skin type. If you have dry and sensitive skin, the effects of dandruff can be severe. If you find any red, grey or scaly skin on the nose or on the oily T zone area, it is generally due to dandruff. If you observe them, immediately check for dandruff and treat it as soon as possible.

5. Red Skin Behind The Ears:

One common problem caused due to dandruff is itchy and red skin behind the ears. Dandruff not only affects your chest or back area, but it can lead to dry, itchy and red skin behind the ears. Sometimes, you may also observe itchy pimples or acne developing there.

It is advised to visit the dermatologist to get the right treatment. Dandruff can not only affect your scalp and skin, but it may be one of the reasons behind chronic disease like asthma. Avoid using chemical products which may irritate your scalp and trigger dandruff problems. Keeping your body hydrated can be a good way to treat the problem fast.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com