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Some girls love wearing glasses. But for some of them, it becomes a necessity. There are many girls who suffer from eyesight issues and thus wearing glasses can be a burden for them. But of course, these girls also like to play with their fashion game! So, what to do in this case? We will be giving you some easy makeup tips and tricks which can be very helpful for girls who wear glasses.

So, have a look at those tips and tricks.

1. Get Short Brushes:

For girls who wear glasses and love using makeup, applying it can be a bit difficult because without specs, you can’t apply your makeup and with specs, your brush will clash with your makeup handles. So, the best way is to use short handled brushes.

2. Yellow Toned Concealer:

Spectacle-wearing girls might have noticed that they have a shadow under their eye. So, it is better to use a yellow toned concealer and then apply it under your eye area. This will eliminate the darker effect from the shadow because of the eye frame and your under eye area will look pretty similar to your skin tone.

3. Coordinate your Makeup:

Have you ever heard of coordinating your makeup with your eye frame? Well, this can be a cool look to try and this will ensure that your makeup is well balanced with your entire face.

4. Contour Contour:

Sometimes, the glasses stick to your nose and they can make your nose look more rounded. So, why not contour your nose more. This will give a much sharper and defined look.

5. Add Some Shimmer:

Sometimes, spectacles can make your eyes look really small. So, add a hint of shimmer on your lower eyelid. This will make sure that your eyes pop-bright and look attractive.

6. Highlight your Cheekbones:

Highlighting your cheekbones is another must. Your cheekbones must be highlighted then only the attraction will shift from your glasses to your cheekbones.

7. Gel Liners:

Gel liners are the best friends for spectacle wearing girls. Generally, it has been seen that spectacle wearing girls suffer from the issue of watery eyes. But, Gel liners will take care of that. Not only will they stay super long but, they will not smudge and most of the gel liners are waterproof only.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com

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