They say our body has its own language,

etimes it speaks much louder than words. Recent studies have shown that people who know how to communicate effectively using those nonverbal signals have higher levels of emotional intelligence. I decided to share these body language habits that will hopefully help you become more successful.

1. Sit up straight

Slouching in your chair, putting your elbows on the table, and covering your face with your hands are all signs of disrespect. They communicate that you have no interest in what you hear. On the contrary, if you sit with your back straight and shoulders back, you look more self-confident — this is a power position. Remember: the more space your body occupies, the more successful you look. Never slouch: it makes you look smaller and projects less power.

2. Use gestures correctly

If you exaggerate your gestures, people will think that you’re telling lies or that you’re trying to hide something. On the other hand, open gestures like spreading your arms apart show that you have nothing to hide.

3. Open arms

When you cross your arms, you’re sending one clear signal: “I’m not flexible, and I don’t agree with what you’re saying.” Even if you smile, crossed arms and legs aren’t good body language habits.

4. Stop touching your hair

If you are one of those people who constantly touches their hair, plays with it, or tries to fix it all the time while others talk to you, drop this bad habit! This only shows your insecurity and lack of attention. Stop touching your hair, and try to focus on communicating naturally.

5. Smile

Although smiling at everything doesn’t support the idea that you have a strong character, smiling at the right place and at the right time shows that you have control over the situation around you and that you can keep calm no matter how stressful the circumstances are.

6. Eye contact

This is probably the most important thing to learn about body language. Too intense eye contact can intimidate your interlocutor, and it may seem that you want to catch all their gestures and words because of your own insecurity. However, if you’re avoiding any eye contact, it sends a message too: you have something to hide. You should try to hold eye contact naturally by looking into the eyes and using pauses to deliver the correct message.

7. Firm handshakes

Never give a weak handshake. It doesn’t mean you have to give a bone-crushing handshake either, but when someone invites you to shake hands, make sure it’s firm. A good firm handshake immediately projects self-confidence and security.


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