Round faces are the ones which are wide and has some fat content in them giving them chubby cheeks. They are literally round and thus you can add some angles and directions to give a narrow look to your face. So, the ultimate aim is to eliminate the roundness of the face and add some dimensions and layers so that it looks angular and much more chiselled.
Here we are suggesting some easy peasy eye makeup tips which are perfect for a round face:

1. Eyebrows:

Let’s begin with the eyebrows. Eyebrows are an integral part of your face. But in case of a round face make sure that your eyebrows are not over plucked. Keep them fuller and ensure that it’s long and has an angled arch at the top. Also, in case you have sparse eyebrows do fill them properly to ensure that they look fuller.

2. Eyeshadow Colour:

Opt for darker coloured eyeshadows like black, blue, purple. This will create a bold statement through your eyes and will ensure that the focus stays on your eyes rather than on the roundness of your face.

3. Kohl Eyes:

Definitely, go for dark kohl-rimmed eyes. This will ensure that the focus stays on your eyes and does not shift to the fullness of your cheeks. Also, kohled eyes will add a sultry look to your face which otherwise looks cute and chubby.

4. Prepping The Eyes:

In case of a round face go for a light coloured eyeliner and start applying at the innermost corner of your eyes. And then go all the outside to give a prolonged look to your eyes.

5. Upper Eyeliner:

Always keep the upper eyeliner darker than the waterline. This will create an illusion of shadow and thus add some more layers to your face. Also, dark eyeliner will keep the focus on your eyes and will make a bold statement for your face.

6. Mascara Is A Must:

Mascara is a must for round faces. It is because mascara helps in lengthening and curling the lashes which go on to add drama to your lashes. This will help in making your eyes look beautiful and dramatic.

7. Highlight Brow Bone:

In case of a round face, everything looks similar and round. But the intention should be to distinguish the brow bone from the eyes. And this will be perfect to add some layers and will shift the focus from the roundness of your face.