Hair is a very important accessory for every woman. However, a lot of us are blessed or rather cursed with thin, fine hair. If you too belong to this category, fret not. Here, I have listed down 9 best haircuts that will give your hair a fuller and thicker appearance. So check out this list and get one of these cuts to enhance the beauty of your hair.

Short bob with layers

Want to fake fuller, thicker hair? Just add some layers to it. Cut your hair super short while adding layers to it. This will add an illusion of dense hairs on your head. Thus, you can flaunt thick hair without actually having it.

Medium length hair with choppy ends

You might have noticed that hair looks thin and flat towards the ends. So, why not go for some wavy style or choppy hair ends? This will give an illusion of too many hairs on your skull. Isn’t this trick just great?

Bob cuts

Bob cuts can make your hair look thicker and fuller in a jiffy. This short hairstyle will ensure that you get fuller hair at the crown area. Also, this cut is quite effortless and easy to style. It also gives a classy look if styled correctly.

Loose waves

Loose waves are perfect when you wish to add volume to your hair. Leave the ends wavy even when you’re flat ironing your hair. This trick will give your hair a fuller and bouncier look.

Layered haircuts with ombre effect

As mentioned above, layers can add a nice effect to your hair. Hence, it is a great way to make your hair look fuller. But, if you wish to take your style a notch up, color it. Ombre style hair colors add more texture to the hair, hence make it look fuller.

Side-swept styles

Side swept hairstyles are also perfect when you wish to add volume. This style will give you the illusion of thickness and fullness. Side-swept styles are classy, suit all face shapes and can be styled in various ways.

Long layered locks

Long hair can often fall flat, giving the illusion of thin and fine hair. If you love long locks, here is a solution. Add layers! Yes, layered long hair looks thicker and fuller than basic long hair. This style also adds a feminine edge to your personality.

V-cut layers

This is a sharp cut hairstyle which is perfect for straight and flat hair. This looks best on long hair. This style makes your hair look thicker as well as longer. It also adds volume in the crown area.

Medium length styles

The medium or shoulder length haircuts are perfect for thin, fine hair. This cut gives volume to the hair and also lets you create various styles. You can experiment with colors, texture etc to enhance your hair further.