Feet are one of the most neglected part of our bodies yes, but with the advent of the times when internet and the power of social media has traversed every walk of life, we all by now understand the importance of having and keeping the feet clean and in a good health. However apart from this healthy and clean toes have also made women more comfortable in showing off their feet to the world and experiment with their shoes and in painting their toe nails more often. The pedicure treatment=s are usually supplemented with nail paint applications and nowadays people are going ahead and getting nail art which look stylish and chic with the wide range of amazing designs. Thus here we are going to talk about some of the incredible toe nail design ideas you can implement and apply into practice. Some of them are discussed below.

Here Are 7 Incredible Toe Nail Design Ideas

1. The Cute Red And Blue Rainbow Design Idea

This one is a great design which includes the grand mix of red with blue and brings the best of both! A completely girly design this one, this speaks oodles of its incredible designing where the cute bows and the white and blue stripes work wonders on the toe nails.

2. Rainbow Ombre Toe Nail Design Idea

This one is all about rainbow effect and the goodness of the ombre trend! Blend the ombre shades and add nail art gems to get this stylish and embellished look on your toes. Go ethnic girl!

3. The Stripes Are In

Nail tapes and a steady hand is all you need to recreate this one! Use the nail tapes and apply the colours in your toe nails one by one and see what effect it brings!

4. The Summery Toe Nail Design Idea

This one spells and speaks of the summers in every angle and is incredibly designed. The varied coloured toe nails and the clouds and the rainbow makes up your day in every way possible isn’t it?

5. Simplistic Incredible Toe Nail Design Idea

This is all about doing what you feel like! Go “as you like it” and play with the colours and experiment with your toe nail painting and see how it transforms the look of your toes. Try symmetry which is indeed in at the moment and looks cool too!

6. The Tribal Print Toe Nail Design Idea

This one is relatively designed taking inspiration from the ancient tribal culture which is all full of colour, varied designing and shades. Try using the nail stickers and stick it all over in case you want to avoid drawing it all yourself and voila your incredible toe nail design is complete!

7. The Incredible Wavy And Beach Look Toe Nail Design Idea

This one is all about the beaches and in case you are planning a beach outing this holiday this one should definitely be on your toe nails. Try reflecting the wavy effect on the toe nails and alternate with sparkle nail colour to reflect the sands in there, Ah so amazing, isn’t it?

8. The Lovely Pineapple Design Toe Nail Idea

Fruit fashion is in at the moment and what best than incorporating the fashion statement onto your toe nails. This incredible nail art trends with the thumb finger adorning a pineapple design and the rest all are done in pink with just a small gold nail gem!

Source: stylepresso.com

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