Amy-Rose Walker wanted to create a winter glow makeup tutorial because she noticed that during winter, the weather really influences how she feels and as a result – how she does her makeup.

So what better way to fight that winter blues than with makeup?

Follow this tutorial and you will find out how to stick it to the winter gloom with some radiant glow of your own.

And remember… no matter how much snow, fog and grayness the weather throws at you, there’s no reason you cannot look shiny, happy and summery.

Start off with applying moisturizer as a base

Add some spray primer

Apply pore filler

Apply a foundation that oxydizes over time

Such foundations get darker after a while so you won’t look too pale, thus avoiding a common winter problem

Apply some skin concealer

Apply some glow highlights on your cheekbones as well as above your mouth and blend it

Apply some “creamy” highlighter…

…then some contour

Sharpen the contour with some translucent powder using a triangular sponge

The eyes come second to last with some base, translucent powder, transition color and a highlighter

And the to finish it off, it’s time for some eyelash love, mascara and lip care

Check out the video for the full tutorial.


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