Summer comes with changes not only to the weather but also to fashion. If you want to keep up with the times, you also have to change everything from your dress code to hairstyle. When it comes to summer headdresses, the options are almost endless, and you only need to find one that conforms to your style and is also comfortable for the season. The length of your hair and volume will also determine the best summer hairdos for you. However, the 7 super easy hairstyles for summer below seem to work well for most ladies.


Short layered bob haircuts are an excellent hairstyle for any season, but they are also more functional during the summer heat. Keeping your strands at a bob length means that you will not have a lot of hair and so you do not have to worry about excessive sweating when going out in summer. But even as you go with a bob haircut you still need to style it well. One of the best ideas to do this is layering it to enhance the volume.

A short layered bob works very well for ladies with fine hair because it makes it look more voluminous than it is. And to make the hairdo even more attractive, you can sweep the strands into a simple face frame design with or without a center part.


Light brown hair looks softer than most other colors, and this makes it just what you need for summer. If you have it as your natural base color, some highlights are all that you need to spice it up. But if you have a black base shade or are a brunette you can still transform it to light brown with some balayage or even use foils if you have a skilled stylist.

Once you achieve the light brown shade, the next important thing is to choose the right color for the highlights. And the best thing about light brown is that it can look good with almost any color highlights. However, you also need to consider your skin complexion and ensure the shades that you choose will complement it. Caramel, ash blonde, purple and golden blonde are some of the best shades for highlighting your light brown locks.


Dirty blonde is a darker shade of blonde and is also a perfect color for your summer hairdo. To achieve this hair color, you can combine shades of blonde and brown. It is an uncomplicated color that most hair stylist can produce and so you will not have any trouble getting it. This hair color looks best if you use balayage or free hand painting to achieve it. Having it in ombre design by keeping the roots darker than the ends or in a sombre design which entails a gradual transition from dark roots to light ends will also give the hair more aesthetic appeal.


Braids are another hairdo that will work for any season. For your summer look, some protective Ghana braids are an excellent choice as they look good and also require minimum maintenance. Although it is possible to achieve these braids with your natural hair in most instances, you will need to use some synthetic extensions.

You can have some simple Ghana braids with natural hair color or add in some brown or blonde synthetic hair to create an ombre effect or try something more interesting like finishing them into a neat bun at the back.


If a short layered bob does not impress you, there are still many other options. One of these options is the shaved bob. As the name suggests, an undercut bob entails cutting some sections of the head and keeping the rest of the hair in a short bob length. Most ladies will look good with an undercut on the sides and with the remainder of the hair swept to the other side. Another interesting design entails shaving the back and accentuating it with some intricate razor lines to make the hairdo more impressive.


If you are hunting for a headdress that will brighten your overall appearance in summer, you should try having one with purple streaks on the ends. Purple is a beautiful color that seems to look well on most ladies, but not all of them are comfortable with having it throughout the head. However, you can still benefit from its charm and appeal by using it to highlight the ends of your brown, blonde or brunette locks. Also, you can make the design trendier by having the purple ends in a peek-a-boo design.


The Dutch braid hairstyles are an excellent idea when you want to try out an attractive design for your summer hair look. Although the Dutch twists look intricate, they are just three strand braids that are not hard to master. They look like reverse French braids, and with a little practice, you can create them well. These hairstyles will give you many styling options as you can make them into anything from a crown braid to a braided updo. Also, highlighting your strands before knitting them can give your Dutch hairstyle a unique and more appealing appearance.

The summer months are perfect for trying new hair looks, but you might not always have time for hair as there are always more interesting things to do. But, once you find something easy that enhances your overall look you will not have to worry about your hair throughout the summer. The 7 easy designs above are an excellent starting point in your search for the perfect summer look.


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