If you want to make your makeup pop, you can’t play it safe – you have to play with color. As seasons and trends change, so too, should your makeup.

The self-taught makeup artist Daisy Maeques has a successful self-titled YouTube channel that has racked up more than 500,000 subscribers. She is big on Instagram as well with 480,000 followers. A few days ago on her channel, she shared a tutorial which is perfect for summer with its bright glitzy pallette.


Daisy gets stuck in the face procedures first. She uses primer, foundation, concealer, powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter. Once she’s satisfied with her look she uses a spray to make the products last longer.


So, clearly, this look is all about the eyes. She blends the crease with an orange-pinky eyeshadow and then contrasts this with some metallic purple-blue-gray on the lids. Daisy finishes her eye makeup with fake lashes and mascara. The color-combo is almost magical.


She goes for a sexy yet muted brown lipstick for the lips which totally completes the look.

Watch the full video here for more detailed instructions on recreating this gorgeous look.

Source: metdaan.com