Remember that bronzer is not meant to disguise your face. Use the bronzer on your forehead, cheekbones and jawline only. Otherwise you will look overdone.

Don’t dot the concealer under your eyes.  Apply it as a triangle to cover the dark circles without mistake.

To have a younger look and make your eyes look bigger don’t apply eyeliner only on your bottom lash line. Apply thin line on the top as well.

It’s great to define your brows but it’s wrong to make the arch above the actual brow. It doesn’t looks natural.  Just follow the natural curve of your brows and you will not look as you are angry.

If you don’t like to look like a clown then apply your blush on your cheeks and then sweep it upward on your cheekbones. Do not apply only on the apples.

For a bigger eye effect don’t connect the eyeliner in the outer corners of your eyes. Try to leave a little gap between. For even brighter eye look add a nude liner along your bottom waterline.

If you don’t like to look as you are in the ’80s than don’t apply eyeshadow all the way up the brows. Use the color on the outer corners of the eyes.  If you compare the pictures below you will see that  Emma Stone looks more fresh and youthful.

Don’t draw your brows to long at the ends. It will make you look sleepy. To know exactly where is the limit place an eyeliner pencil from the corner of your nose towards the outer corner of your eye. The tail of your brow has to be here. To know where to start place an eyeliner pencil on your nostril vertically. And the perfect indicator for the arch place is a pencil pointed through the pupil.


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