Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

If you’re not familiar with this quote and you don’t know who says it, I honestly don’t know where you’ve been your whole life.

The Evil Queen from Snow White. That’s who.

Anyway, a mirror is a glass surface that… reflects stuff. It looks nice, have you ever stopped to consider that the surface of a mirror looks amazing? I have, and I want everything mirror. Like walls, my car, my furniture…

My cake…

Let’s make a mirror glaze cake!

No, not the kind of mirror that will fully reflect your face on the cake. No, no, that would just be madness.

By mirror, it means that the glazing will be very glossy. So it works like when you see your reflection in a body of water.

The color theme here seems to be… red. Right?

Just kidding, it’s several different shades of blue. And on the top, it’s decorated with what seem to be different sized bubbles, once again, in several shades of blue.

This is less a fun-loving, unique, interesting type of cake. It’s more of a beauty-focused, decor, special occasion type of cake. A perfect gift for a person who likes bubbles, water and blue. In fact, I already have a person like that in mind and I can’t wait to make this cake for them.

You think it’ll be easy enough?

Either way, it’s amazing.

There’s also another cake in this video, which the host uses to demonstrate how to make the glaze.

It’s less pronounced on this salmon-colored one. So we chose the blue one as a primary subject of discussion here. But for a lover of all things pink, all you have to do is switch the food coloring.

Kind of like the dress in ‘The Sleeping Beauty’, remember? So many fairy tale references today.

To see how to make this neat addition for your next cake, and to decide which of these two wonderful looking cakes you’re going to prepare, check out the video below:

Source: metdaan.com