YouTube life hacks and beauty vlogger extraordinaire Andrea, does another one of those extra easy how-to hairstyles on the go!

She started her YouTube channel in 2008 and at the moment has more than 4 million devoted followers.

There are several reasons as to why you may be in the situation where you have to do your hair in the rearview mirror waiting for the green light.

One:  you are lazy. Two: You did not have time. Three: You don’t even care!

1. Part your hair wherever you like it. But for the sake of the story, part it in the middle. Pull both of the parts back. Omit the baby hairs or any strands that complement your face. Create little buns on each side of your crown. Press them down and fasten them with bobby pins.

2. Take your bangs, or for those of you who don’t have bangs, take the front part of your hair, tease it and comb it backwards. Take a hairband and tie it somewhere between the middle of the front part of your head and the crown part. And there you have a perfectly luscious, pulled back hair.

3. Take your bangs out and split your hair in two halves. Clip up the top half. Put the bottom portion of your hair in a messy bun. Take the top part and make a ponytail out of it right next to the bottom bun. Arrange that in a messy bun. The end result is supposed to look like a giant bun!

4. You want to get your bangs out of your face? This is the hairstyle for you! Take two sections of hair that frame your face. Put them up into two little ponytails on the side. Take each ponytail, create a little loop down the center, take the ponytail and push it through the loop. Then tighten! You’ll notice that it will give the ponytail a little volume and a rather out-of-the-ordinary look! You can even go ahead and braid the ponytails into two braids!

5. Continuing with the braids, this is a messy French braid hairstyle. Do a really messy French braid from the top parts that are your bangs. Fasten the braid somewhere between the parting line and the ear line. Pull the twist back lightly to give it volume. Twist it around in a bun!

6. This is a variation of the previous hairstyle. Take the buns out, but keep the twists. Twist them towards the back of your head. Grab both sides of your hair and make two ponytails on each side. Take those and with them – create some huge messy buns.

7. Ever wondered how to do the French braided pigtail? Here’s how! Split your hair in two halves. Take one section of your hair and start twisting it, grabbing a little more hair with every single twist. Once you get to the bottom, tie it up with a band and continue braiding the bottom half of the ponytail. Tug it out a bit for volume!

8. This hairstyle features Andrea’s curly hair. Flip your hair upside down and then make a high ponytail on top of your crown. Keep it loose! Tug the back portion of your hair a little bit, as well as some little pieces of hair that will give your face playfulness and that natural messy look. Arrange the bun until you are satisfied with its position. Bobby pin it!


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