Are you planning a drinks night out or going to any special event? So, you know it’s glam time. YouTube is the best place to get all the inspiration about your look thanks to our makeup artists that post everything out there. What’s really cool about these tutorials is that they share with us the most amazing products and give us discounts on them.

If you are a “makeup fan” you already know YouTuber Amy Rose Walker. She shares tons of makeup tips when it comes to beauty, hairstyles and products. Today, except for the glam lo0k, she is talking about a mirror where you can do your makeup any time of the day you want, in any lighting because it has its own lighting. How cool is that?

Without further ado, let’s get started on the look:


Amy starts by priming her face and then mixing two foundations together. She applies concealer, powder and then contours her face. Later on, she will also apply some blush and two different highlighters.


For the eyes, she starts by applying concealer as a primer and then creates a burgundy look. She follows everything with a thick long eyeliner which adds an extra glow. The makeup artist finishes everything with eye lashes.


We have come to an end, and that means a nude brownie lipstick. The lipstick literally pulls off this look.

What do you guys think about this glam look?

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