How are you all? In today’s post, I will tell you about the different types of tops that you can wear with bodycon skirts. Bodycon skirt is a figure-hugging outfit that suits all the body shapes. Since it is known for highlighting the actual shape of the body, some girls find it hard to select a suitable top to pair with the skirt. Here is a list of the tops that you can consider when wearing a bodycon skirt.

1. Crop Tops:

If you have a petite body and you wish to flaunt it, then you can wear your bodycon skirt with a matching crop top to make it more like a mid-rib dress. Although, there are no limitations for the color and you can choose it as per your preferences. The pair of a crop top and bodycon skirt brings emphasis on the curvy bust.

2. Plain Tanks:

If you don’t have a tank top in your closet, then you must get one because you can wear a tank top with every type of skirt and a bodycon skirt is one of them. You can either tuck in the tank top or cut it from one side and make a knot around your waist.

3. Sequin Batwing Tops:

Bodycon skirts are popular because you can carry any look with them. Other than casual and day-out looks, you can also wear it for an exciting night out or a regular club party. What you need is a sequin batwing top that can define the shape of your bust area.

4. Tuck in Formal Shirts:

Fashion is not about wearing the right outfit. It’s about wearing any outfit the right way. It might sound a little surprising but you can actually flaunt your stylish bodycon skirts at work, and formal shirts look even classier when worn with these skirts. Tuck in your striped or plain formal shirt with your bodycon skirt and fold your sleeves up to elbows.

5. Oversized Jackets:

To be honest, choosing a suitable top for a stylish bodycon skirt should be no rocket science. When you are not able to find a top for this classic skirt type, oversized jackets are there to the rescue. You can pick any fitting top or just a cami top from your closet to pair with the skirt. To spice it up, you can wear an oversized jacket with it. A printed kimono will also work.

6. Bardot Tops:

In my opinion, Bardot tops are the classiest types of tops and they look great with almost everything including pants, palazzos and maxi skirts. If you have a plain bodycon skirt, then this is the best type of top to be paired with the skirt. All you need is a light colored Bardot top along with your printed or striped bodycon skirt and you are ready for a fun day out.

7. Peplum Tops:

If there is a peplum top in your wardrobe and you are still waiting for the right time to wear it, then you must wear it now with your bodycon skirt. Although a perfect cut peplum top goes with almost everything, a bodycon skirt is one of the most preferred options to be paired with these tops.

8. Off Shoulder Tops:

When the scorching summer is trying to test your patience and you are still avoiding off-shoulder tops in your closet, then it’s definitely a horrible fashion crime. You can pair an off-shoulder top of a matching color with your bodycon skirt to make it look like a classy cocktail dress. Besides this, there are many other ideas that you can try while wearing off shoulders with bodycon skirts.

Apart from this, if you are restraining yourself from trying on these gorgeous skirts just because of some extra calories around your bust, then you can go for a quality shapewear. This way, you will feel much more confident and sexy while wearing the bodycon skirts.