There are so many reasons why you shouldn’t put makeup on your face every day, especially if you are a teenager with problematic skin, but every once in a while, you do want to look beautiful. Teenage makeup is getting trendier nowadays, but it’s often hard to resist the adult products, which can seriously damage teenage skin. Plus, it makes your flawless face look so unnatural. Luckily, there are teenagers like Vienna, whose makeup artwork is simply amazing. She is a teenager who already has more than 108,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel titled Devienna makeup. On her channel, you can find many beauty videos but she also does song covers and challenges videos as well. In this video, she does a teenage makeup tutorial and her final look is absolutely amazing!

What is most important is that she uses so many natural-looking products that make her skin shine and highlights her beauty in a special way. From basic products such as eyebrow gel, to contour stick and highlighter, it all makes for a super shiny and natural glowing look. Every teenage girl can learn so much about makeup from her video and try out some of the products that she uses.

In the end, you can barely see that she used makeup at all! This is a wonderful way to highlight your skin and refresh your every-day look.

Here you can watch the whole video: