I can honestly say that everything from the 90’s is coming back; fashion, music, hairstyles, makeup, glitter, accessories, everything. It’s good to use the inspiration and create fun stuff, fashion is definitely upgrading. But this time we’re focusing on hairstyles.

Style Haul partner and YouTube star Lyss Ryan is best known for posting beauty tutorials and vlogs to her self-titled channel. The 24-year-old has reached over 120,000 subscribers already. Today, she gives us some 90’s vibes by creating a twist hairstyle. Let’s throw it back together and have some fun.


To get this look, first, you have to curl your hair with a curling iron or any other method you are used to. Then, hairspray them.


After you have your flawless curls on point, take three pieces of hair in the front of your head and just twist them while securing them with clear hair elastics. See? It’s pretty easy.


After you finished the three little sections, you can use different hair bands or decorations. In the end, make sure to spray everything to make the hairstyle last longer.

People loved this hairstyle by commenting:

“Yes, this hair style was all the rage when I was little! My mom would do this and add a million butterfly clips to my hair. I still love this hairstyle, let’s bring the butterfly clips back.”

Another one added:

“I wore this hairstyle today!! So effortless and easy for on the go I love it so much!!”

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Source: metdaan.com