If you want to add some pots that will make a great statement in your outdoors, then you should look for ones that are nothing like the plain ones. For instance, you can choose some oversized pots and instead of planting regular flowers, you can plant some trees in them. Potted trees will for sure beautify your outdoors and the ideas that you will see here, will  inspire you to get some for your outdoors too.

And yes, planting trees in pots is just like planting any other plant, except the plant and the pot are larger than the regular ones. The best trees for pots are mainly small and slow growing with compact root systems. Make sure to avoid choosing trees that drop lots of leaves or messy fruits during the growing season. This will help you keep your patio or balcony free of mess. And you may want to choose trees that have something to offer all year, like blooms in spring, colorful fall foliage or berries. The potted trees that you choose for your outdoors, should be suited to your climate and the growing conditions in your garden area if you want them to grow well. Here several ideas to get inspired from.


As you can notice potted trees can be quite versatile. You can also pick from versatile types of oversized pots, so that they can fit in with the surrounding area. Choose to add some on your balcony or on the patio, or maybe use several of them to create a privacy screen. Or you can even some on the front porch to beautify your entryway.

Source: topdreamer.com