Do you remember the Monster Book of Monsters from ‘Harry Potter’? The textbook that was Rubeus Hagrid’s book of choice for his Care of Magical Creatures class? The one that almost bit Harry’s, Ron’s and Hermione’s hands off because they didn’t think of petting it?

I am sure you didn’t need all these reminders and that you remembered it instantly, as it is one of the funniest and most memorable details in the wonder-filled Potterverse.

And now you have the chance to do a real, delicious, fingerlicking tribute to the Monster Book of Monsters with this recipe brought to you by CakesStepbyStep. All you need is some dough, some filling, dark and white modeling chocolate, some almonds and M&M’s.

So get your Harry Potter movies ready…

This cake is the perfect accompaniment for that winter craving to re-read of the whole series every self-respecting Harry Potter fan gets during wintertime. Or simply to share with your loved ones during a Harry Potter movie marathon. Prepare it, dim the lights, play the movies. And at least this once, when the trolley-lady on Hogwarts Express offers the kids candy, you’ll have your craving satisfied.

And if you pet it, you’ll be left with chocolate on your finger, so it’s win-win.


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