Do you just get so inspired sometimes that you just feel like doing something really creative? Snowflake nail art gives us that feeling. Since we are still in the holiday spirit this design might be pretty awesome for you.

On Kelli Marissa’s YouTube channel you’ll find DIY tutorials on how to get awesome nail art designs – even on short nails like hers. You’ll also find the occasional beauty and lifestyle video.

This snowflake nail art requires zero artistic skill, it’s all about drawing tiny lines and it’s so easy. Perfect for the holidays or anytime during winter. Kelli admits that this particular design was copycatted from Peachy Polish and you can check her out on her blog too.

She has 113,113 subscribers and you can follow her on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

If you want to see everything step by step, just click the video down below and enjoy! So damn easy and super effective!