Floral things are cool. While that’s not an opinion shared by everyone, a lot of things can look cool when covered in flowers.

Flowers tend to be seen as the perfect gift for a girl. You know the drill. You have seen the guys show up at the girl’s house with a big bouqet of flowers in his hands.

So yeah, floral decorations are cool, but what if you want to extend the list of items you have that feature a floral pattern? Well, one item that you can add to that list are your nails.

If that’s what you want to do, then this tutorial on floral nail art for your long nails should suit you well.

MyDesigns4You has returned with another one of her cute and easy to do nail art ideas.

She prepped her nails before the video, covering the longer part in white polish.

She then proceeds to paint the flowers, half of them being red, while the other half white.

The results are definitely interesting, and if you’re into having flower patterns on a lot of things you have, then this is definitely for you.

Source: metdaan.com

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