Doing your makeup can be really fun until you get addicted and the products you want to buy are not affordable. That’s why there are thousands of drugstores where you can find amazing similar makeup for shockingly low prices.

YouTuber Crystal Conte loves doing videos related to beauty, fashion, lifestyle, get ready with me, tags, challenges and product reviews. She is a cat lover and posts three videos a week on her channel to keep you updated with the latest trends and techniques.

Today, we are sharing a drugstore makeup tutorial by Crystal. She tells us exactly where we can buy products for very low prices. Products that give similar results to expensive brands.

She shares a website called “Cosmetic Capital.” They get new stock in all the time so it’s great to check back weekly and see what bargains you can pick up.

Super affordable!

Using those products she creates a very special look which is suitable for big events or even a night out with your girls. For the eyes, she creates a light purple eyeshadow with a black sharp eyeliner and for the lips, she goes dark pink.

To see the whole process watch the video down below: