The winter season is loved by many. It can be described as “tumblr”. Well, as long as you don’t include… some of the things that have a tendency to come up on tumblr…

Moving swiftly on, winter is a very picturesque season. Snow covered buildings and streets, the bright light-decorated sidewalks, and often times there’ll be a 100 ft tall Christmas tree slapped in the middle of town.

A lot of people who prepare for the winter season in a lot of different ways. Obviously, the first one being getting warm winter clothing, like colorful scarves, gloves, jackets etc.

Those who are a bit more fastidious like to make sure that even small details are ready for the winter season. Talking about things like the nails.

If that’s you, then this tutorial by Moowin on winter nails is definitely for you.

Moowiin has made a video showing four different winter nail designs. These include falling snow, a bear with a Santa hat, a house covered in snow, and more cascading snow.

These nails are very suitable for this season, so if you want to make sure that you look as wintery as possible, be sure to check out this video.


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