We all want to go back to when elegance, class and sass was what defined a woman. We are talking about the 1950’s. When it comes to makeup, now there are totally different techniques. More complex with more tricky definitions that in the end, can look too much.

Tiana from her YouTube channel called TianaCosmetics, shared with us a modern 1950’s inspired makeup tutorial.  She filmed it in LA at Smashbox studios. She explains everything step by step:

1. For the foundation, Tiana decides to mix caramel and natural beige from Too Faced. Using a brush, she’s going to blend it all over her face.

2. For the eyes, she uses the mango tango eyeshadow adding it to the cut crease and then blending it out.

3. Then, from Too Faced, she uses the glitter glue by putting it into her eye lids. Then finishes the eye makeup with a sharp black eyeliner.

4. Last but not least, for the lips, she combines two red and orange lipstick colors from Smashbox to create an ombre look.

This is the final look and as you can see it looks exactly like she came from the 1950’s.

If you want more information about the look, click the video down below.

Source: metdaan.com