Having straight long hair will make you want now and then to change it and to do something more glamorous. Of course, the inspiration always comes after you see people with big, voluminous curly hair. But, there are different types of curly so it’s important to choose the right one.

Talented Amy Rose Walker knows everything about beauty and getting ready. So, today even though it is the first time she is doing this look, she gets amazing results. She’s going to teach us how to achieve big curly hair.

Even if your hair is greasy, it doesn’t matter. You start by brushing your hair and then heating up your curling iron.

You will have to make sure to also use some spray which will help your hair to not get damaged.

After you do these steps, start dividing your hair by pulling it with a hair elastic on top. You will start curling from down taking it out to the top.

When you are finished, take a hairspray to make the curls last longer and put your fingers through the curls to tease them out and add volume.

And you’re done. If you want to see more of the look you can click down below and share your thoughts with us. Enjoy your new BIG curls!

Source: metdaan.com