Sophia Ridlington, a psoriasis ridden teen, is the most recent victim of the immature prejudice towards the imperfections of the human appearance.

Humanity and the world at large rest on the altruistic consensus that we are all going to love and respect each other based on our true selves. And most of us do. I like to include myself in that particular group, since I do not consider myself to be the perfect woman, daughter, sister or a friend. This makes me accept others just the way they are.

I think that life is about the journey, and not about the destination.

Same goes for all of the things that you consider imperfect about yourself. It’s exactly the things that you don’t have that make you work for them. Or just make you work a little extra to achieve a deeper understanding of the ones you love.

It turns out, not all people are like that.

I stumbled upon this story and in effort to spark our own little debate over here in the comment section, I decided to go ahead and work on the article.

This young lady got dumped by her boyfriend after, literally, showing him her face’s true colors. This UK resident is suffering from psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a skin disease characterized by skin multiplying up to 10 times faster than normal. Underlying cells reach the skin’s surface and die. However, their sheer volume causes raised, red plaques covered with white scales.

People who are affected by psoriasis only in the knees, elbows, the torso or the palms can consider themselves in better luck. Sophia, unfortunately, has her psoriasis on her face.

Even though Sofia is lucky with her life, the friends that she has, her interests and hobbies, she succumbed to the pressure of beauty standards and what’s accepted to be normal.

She started using a large amount of makeup to cover up her face.

However, one day, she decided to come clean in front of her boyfriend. That resulted in termination of their relationship.

Now Sophia is studying to be a cosmetologist. I find that admirable.

Was Sophia taking the makeup thing a little bit too far? Did she have any other choice? Do you justify her actions?