Can we just agree here that voluminous, curly hair always looks good? Thank you. It brings out the sexy in you and just imagine combining that with red lipstick? Fire!

The YouTuber named Kukla Lu has over 8 years of experience creating stunning looks for weddings, parties, film, theater, TV and all sorts of special occasions. She also trains professional makeup artists and fashion stylists. Today, she shows us how to achieve those sexy curls which we are so excited about.


You should start with the under layers and then pin the rest of your hair to the top of the head. Then, pull out about a one-inch strand and lightly spritz with hair spray.


Heat your curling iron and then start curling the hair (you can do three strands at a time if by chance you’re feeling feisty), and spritz again with hairspray and tease out the curls.


Repeat to top of your head and when you are finished with all the curls, go through them with your fingers to create more volume. Voila!

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