Fountains are a must-have for your outdoors in order to add tranquility and peace over there. And although you can buy some, you can even try to make one out of some repurposed items. For instance, you can easily make a fountain out of wine barrels. And today, we want to show you several wine barrel fountains to see how they easily fit in different outdoors.

These fountains can be quite versatile, depending on how many wine barrels they feature. The simplest one may be with a single wine barrel, having a hand pump, or maybe a regular tap. In such cases you can decorate the area around the fountain with some pebbles, stones, plants etc. Or if you want to create a bigger statement, then you can make a fountain out of several wine barrels. Arrange them on several levels to create a cascading fountain. And again decorate the surrounding area to make it look even more outstanding. Here are several ideas to get inspired from.


Wine barrel fountains are really budget-friendly since you can repurpose old wine barrels. And although they may associate you with something old and vintage they can be even part of a modern landscape. So, it’s all about how you will arrange the surrounding and you can even repaint the barrels to make them look better. Also, feel free to add some floaters and make it look like a mini water garden.

So, which one from the above wine barrel fountains did you like the best? Tell us in the comments and also let us know if you would like to have one such fountain in your yard too.