When she walks down the aisle, the guests are in awe. Her angelic looks, fairytale dress, and that brilliant smile captivates them. Can you guess who we’re talking about? No, not the bride, but the pretty little flower girls that we’re talking about. It doesn’t take much to turn a pretty little girl into a pretty little princess. All you need is a dress with lots of lace and frills and some great hairstyle ideas for little girls, to make the magic happen. And while the laces and frills have already been taken care of, lets talk about pretty flower girl hairstyles.

Here Are Some Creative Hairstyle Ideas For Flower Girls That You Just Ought To Try

While the bride’s undoubtedly the star attraction at a wedding, the cute little flower girls, in their adorable, poufy dresses and creative hairstyle ideas, are no less endearing. Take a look

The Ballerina Bun

This is one of the most sophisticated flower girl hairstyles, if you’re having a formal wedding ceremony. All you have to do is gather the hair up in a high pony, twist it around to create a neat bun and secure it in place with bobby pins.

Finishing Touch: Pin some flowers or a pretty hair clip to the side to complete the look.

The Naughty Princess

This is perfect for those little girls who can never keep still. If your flower girl is going to be running around and is quite a handful to manage, then this hairstyle is a great way to keep her hair out of her face. Start off by parting the hair at the middle. Secure each side in a tight pony at the back of the head. Then twist the pony tightly to form a bun. Secure with bobby pins and tie it up with ribbon.

Finishing Touch: Use some Hair spray to fix any fly-aways and to sleek down the hair.

The Side Pony

If you’re looking for an easy flower girl hairstyle that you can do in under a minute, then this is the one for you. Simply gather the hair to one side of the head and secure it in a low side pony.

Finishing Touch: Tie a ribbon over the band in a little bow for a cuter look.

Twisted Ringlets

If your flower girl has long hair then you can try to replicate this hairstyle. It is a very intricate, fancy hairstyle that is sure to have your flower girl feeling like a princess. To do this hairstyle, the first step is to create some defined curls. Use a curling iron and take half inch strands and curl them. Once done, start to twist, turn and roll the curls and gather them on top of the head. Secure them with bobby pins and set with a strong hold hair spray.

Finishing Touch: Since the hairstyle is intricate and looks stunning on its own, avoid pinning flowers or any other hair accessories that might take the focus away from the pretty ringlets.

Flower Wreath

If all else fails, all you need is a flower wreath. This is one of the easiest flower girl hairstyles to do. Make a pretty flower wreath using the same flowers that you’ve chosen for your bouquet. Place it on your flower girl’s head and secure it in place with bobby pins if necessary. This hairstyle is great if your flower girl is too little and you cannot make her sit in one place patiently to get her hair done. While simple, this hairstyle is very cute nonetheless and little girls will love wearing a flower wreath.

Finishing Touch: If using real flowers, spray them with cold water to keep them looking fresh for longer.

Hope you loved these hairstyle ideas for little girls. Before you make your pick, be sure to ask your flower girl which one she likes. Little girls can be surprisingly opinionated and they will tell you which ones they like and which ones they don’t like in an instant. You also need to keep in mind what you are aiming for. If your wedding is to be a casual affair, then a simple no-fuss hairstyle will do. But if you’re planning for a fancy wedding, then you might want to opt for an equally fancy hairstyle for your flower girl, to keep with the theme.

Source: fashionlady.in

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