The market today is full of various hair removal techniques and choosing the right one can be a bit confusing for us. The salons always try to lure us with these techniques but you should do your own research before investing your money in one of these treatments. If you’re confused between IPL Hair Removal and Laser Hair Removal methods, this post will help you.


Laser hair removal uses the technology of only one wavelength and it targets specific chromosome called melanin. This allows for deeper penetration and the energy is targeted directly. This allows the laser light to be 100% precise and thus not destroy the surrounding areas.
• IPL hair removal uses a wide range of wavelength ranging from 500-1000 nm. That is the major reason why IPL hair removal is not that precise. When the light of multiple wavelengths is emitted, then it also affects the surrounding area, thus the skin around the target area also gets burned.


• Since laser hair removal is precise, it is extremely effective in permanent hair growth reduction. There has been evidence that customers have seen visibly reduced hair growth (up to 90%) within 3-5 sittings.
• IPL hair removal is not a very effective hair removal technique. It is not precise and also burns the area surrounding the hair follicles. Also, IPL hair removal technique does not treat ingrown hair.


• Laser hair removal is a time-saving activity. It treats multiple hairs at a single time and thus it is an extremely effective hair removal technique.
• Whereas IPL hair removal is not that effective. It takes much more time as compared to laser hair removal. And in case of IPL hair removal, you won’t get neat and 100% results.


• Under laser hair removal technique, you can adjust the settings as per your skin and hair colour and thus it is effective on almost all types of skin and hair.
• Whereas IPL hair removal is known to burn the skin surrounding the hair growth area. And especially when it comes to darker skin tones IPL hair removal might burn the darker skin in maximum cases.


• IPL hair removal is much more cost efficient. Since it is not that precise and not effective, IPL hair removal packages are much cheaper.
• Laser hair removal is much more precise and ensures that your hair is removed within 5 sittings and thus it is pricey and can be done under expert guidance only.