We all know very well that girls love gentle and beautiful decorations for their homes, so if you are looking for something creative that you can make with ease you are at the right place. Scroll down though the photos below and see the Adorable Paper Doily Crafts That Girls Will Go Crazy About. The paper doily DIY projects won’t cost you a lot of money and will still give an expensive look to your decor. You can’t buy these designs at the stores, so uniqueness will be part from your interior design. It’s not hard to work with paper doilies, so even if you are not very crafty you will get some wonderful final projects. Check out the photos and see which idea will work best for your space!

Turn glass bottles into vases and add the doily to the bottle to add it a feminine touch. This is a super cute decoration for this spring, so give it a try!

Is your wall empty and it need something that will get all eyes on it? Then it’s time to make some framed design that are not at all piece of art. They are so mainstream, so why don’t you try the paper doily decoration?

The paper doilies can work great for party decor too, so if you are about to host a party soon, take this idea in consideration. The hanging paper doilies will make the ambiance so cheerful and fun!

Here’s one more idea for your party! Use paper cupcake holders and put them together with the doilies for a fantastic look of your garland!

Table runners can really make the dining table look complete, so if you wish to get a new one for very little money, why don’t you try the paper doily design? You just have to put together more doilies in different sizes and design for a more interesting design!

Paper doilies are great for bowls or candle holders. What’s the design you prefer to have?

Is there a girl that wouldn’t like this silverware holder for their next dinner party? I don’t think so! Recreate the design and impress your guests!

Here you have the paper doily wreath tutorial, so if you like the design just copy it and decorate your door in a stunning way!

Make each coffee or dessert memorable with these eye-catching and heart-melting decorations! Everyone will love them and will compliment you on the great design!

Displaying flowers in the home during spring is a must! If you want to decorate your living area in a unique way, try the paper doily designs! Hang them from the ceiling and see how they transform the whole area into a lively space!

Aren’t these decorations just adorable? Which is the design that caught your eye the most? Keep me posted in the comments below!

Source: topdreamer.com

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