People’s hair can vary. Curly or straight, thin or thick, fine or brittle and the list goes on. It’s the genetics that determine what color and type your hair is, and as I’m sure you know, each type of hair has its own styling hacks and tricks along with different amounts of time and patience and money it will take away.

But what happens when you have fine, thin hair and you want just a few ideas on cute, not too fussy hairstyles that you can wear every day and can be done without hassle? Well, if you’re short on ideas, Erin Elizabeth is here to save you.

While Erin, who is originally from Canada, is currently not the biggest fashion and makeup vlogger in all of YouTube, she still produces very high-quality and entertaining videos.

Even though this video was uploaded last year, it’s still a very good place to get some excellent hairstyles for you thin and fine-haired individuals out there. For you, along with 16000 other subscribers, Erin has compiled three easy but cute everyday hairstyles.

1. A simple opposite part

All she does with this one is part her hair in the opposite direction of normal and apply some product to make sure it stays in check.

2. A low bun

This is just a simple everyday hairstyle that she wears. She doesn’t use a hair elastic, but instead a few bobby pins, and she also pulls out her hair in other spots to make it seem bigger.

3. And finally, a simple banded style

This one just consists of putting a headband on the crown of the head and then putting the rest of the hair back inside the band.