When you walk into a salon or a parlor, you would have a trained and a certified aesthetician look at your skin to understand which oils or masks would best work for your skin type. If they don’t do that, you then should head somewhere else for your skin needs.

Aromatherapy facials are a must-have, since they provide plenty of benefits for your skin. The skin expert would analyze your skin type and apply the same on your face to remove clogged pores and clean them thoroughly, with the help of a branded and clinically proven aroma cleansing mask.


1. You Get To Relax And The Skin Loves It

An aroma cleansing mask is like a treat to the skin, which provides for a relaxing experience. This can be further enhanced when the right oils are used. Stress relief for sure, the essential oils used help brings plenty of peace and calmness to the traumatized skin using essences of lavender, mint, peppermint and more. Moreover, essential oils through research has been shown to bring about the right treatment for sensitive skin types- acne, eczema etc.

Skin Soothing

There are essential oils which help soothe the skin, such as rose and lavender, that help calm skin that is too irate. Acne prone skin can be helped with oils from lemongrass, geranium and tea tree too, which bring back the pH balance of the skin and provide astringent help to regulate the oiliness too.

3. Helps With Exfoliating The Skin

Some essential and best pore cleansing masks have essential oils that can be used as exfoliating scrubs. This is best for skin types that are flaky and dry, and sensitive too. They have exfoliating properties in oils such as tea tree, basil and lemongrass.

Names Of Aroma Facial Masks To Use

1. Decleor Aroma Cleanse Clay and Herbal Cleansing Mask

This is a formula that works its magic without drying up or dehydrating your skin. It also helps tone your skin and purify it too, which helps boost radiance and remove excess oil as well. In the end, you have pH balanced skin, which is clear and supple, soft to touch too.

2. Aroma Magic Detoxifying Mineral Pack 100gm

There are no parabens and oxybenzone traces in this formula, and no alcohol or harsh fragrances and chemicals too, making the ultra-effective formula just right for your skin, and protecting it from the harmful UV rays of the sun too. In addition to that, the formula is non-greasy and has wheat germ plus coconut in it with extracts of soya bean that provide all the sun safety your skin needs, along with vitamins B5, C and E too.

3. Aroma Magic Mineral Glow Scrub

With plenty of natural extracts amalgamated to use and make this product, your skin would be happiest with the formula scrubbing and cleaning pores. You can also use the formula to remove blackheads, dead skin cells, oil and blockages too. Reduce the sun damage and the wrinkles, and make the skin glowing and smooth in no time. You can also have brighter and younger looking skin with this best deep cleansing mask.

4. Aroma Magic Green Tea Face Pack

The Aroma Magic Green Tea Face Pack ranks as one of the top 10 deep cleansing masks because it is a potent formula that helps combat free radicals. You wouldn’t have to worry about the pigmentation, dark spots, blemishes, fine lines and skin ageing, anymore. The formula helps lighten your skin tone and works wonders on all skin types too.

Make your own

If you do not want to use one of the best top 10 deep cleansing masks, you can DIY your own at home. Here is a recipe

  • Grab Plenty Of Flower Petals – Rose, Marigolds, Lavender Et Al
  • 1 Cup Of Oatmeal
  • 1/2 Cup Almond Powder
  • 1 Cup Of Milk
  • 1 Drop Tea Tree Oil

Method: Mix them all well into a paste and apply it all over the skin for five minutes. Wait until it dries. Wash it off in circular and anti-circular motions under running cold water. Pat dry and moisturize. Do this thrice a week.

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