Hello fellow gardeners out there! It doesn’t matter if you are pro, beginner, or wannabe gardener, we have the best advises and ideas for you. Succulents are the Internet’s favorite home plants. No wonder, as they are super easy to grow and maintain. And today I will give you a full tutorial on how to grow them. And we must not forget all the pretty decorations that can be done with them. Keep reading this and you will be able to plant succulents and make your own small  garden.


It is very easy. You just have to follow these simple steps.

1.If you have one plant you can reproduce it in a very easy way. First, carefully pull out the bottom leaves. You need the base of the leaf, so make it sure you get it out intact.

2. You will end up with having this little stem.

3. Leave the leaves to dry. This step is so important,as they must not have too much moisture when you put them in the soil. They will rot. The drying process will take about a few days.

4. And now finally, you can put them in soil. Do not let them dry, neither pour water on them. A spraying bottle can do the trick. After a few weeks, they will start to sprout. You will be able to see some tiny succulents.

Now you can plant your succulents and watch them grow.

When you have tons of these, you can use them in different decorations. As they are used to live just anywhere, you can experiment quite a lot. Also, you can grow different types of succulents and make the ultimate garden! Check out these brilliant ideas that you can use for your own DIY garden!

Source: topdreamer.com