You don’t have lipstick hacks up your sleeve? Don’t worry, the internet has Stephanie Lange. She was already super-nice to show us how to stop our foundation from separating. Now, she’s super-awesome sharing her lipstick secrets with us.

We’ve all had the situation, you name it. It smudges, it vanishes, it looooves getting on our teeth. But there are things you can do, and they don’t involve paying hundreds of dollars for matte product that you’ll never be able to remove.

You have the tools for lipstick hacks at home

Even on your body! Did you know that the century-old problem with colored teeth can be solved with a simple trick with your finger? Or, if you’re one of those people who always complain about being unable to line their lips, your solution is right there in your kitchen.

So, stop wasting time, click play and say good bye to having lips that look anything less than perfect.


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