Let’s count the irritating things that happen when you put on makeup. Eyeliner gets copied on your eyelid, mascara crumbles, eye shadow falls off, lipstick goes on your teeth… And one of the most irritating by far – foundation separates.

There’s not much information online as to why this happens. In this video, the Youtuber, Stephanie says it’s probably because we mix makeup with different ingredients. So if you use water-based makeup, make sure all the other products are water-based too. If you have water-based foundation, but your primer is silicon-based – that could be a problem.

Is there a way to stop foundation from separating, then?

Lucky for us, Stephanie Lange exists. In this video she puts us through the process step by step. Exfoliation, moisturizer, all that jazz. And afterwards, she shows us exactly what she does to avoid foundation separation.

The trick is so simple, it makes so much sense, you won’t believe you didn’t think of it before.

Source: www.metdaan.com