In the wake of reports that Brad Pitt is shacking up with Kate Hudson, the actor’s ex Angelina Jolie is doing some moving on of her own!

Friends of the star have revealed that Ange, 41, has been secretly hooking up with Jared Leto, who she’s known for close to two decades.

The pair first met while filming Girl, Interrupted, but apparently the two actors really connected when filming Alexander in 2003.

“They’ve stayed friendly all these years and they really have chemistry,” an insider tells OK! Magazine. “Jared is putting the smile back on Ange’s face. He’s exactly what she needs right now.”

The 45-year-old has reportedly been a huge source of support during the star’s very public breakup. “When she filed for divorce from Brad, one of the first people she heard from was Jared,” the source tells the publication.

Did the pair hookup in 2004?

Jared reportedly called Ange when she filed for divorce from Brad.

“He called her to make sure she was okay, and over the next few weeks they spoke a lot.”

It’s possible that Ange and Jared have been an item in the past. Back in 2004, rumours swirled that they enjoyed a fling on the set of Alexander, and even Ange revealed she’d “taken a lover.”

“We talk about life and politics, share books,” she said at the time. Now he’s one of the greatest friends I have.” Could that friend with benefits have been Jared?

We all know Ange loves a co-star. After all, it was just months later she filmed Mr and Mrs Smith with Brad and we all know what happened next!

Whether it’s a new or old fling, don’t expect Ange’s six kids to be calling Jared their stepdad any time soon.

“She’s in no rush to get serious,” an insider told Heat magazine. “Not while she’s going through this messy divorce and trying to get sole custody. But she’s enjoying Jared’s attention.”

Who wouldn’t?!


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