Big eyes are a dream come true for every girl. But, you need to know, how to correctly play the makeup trick with big eyes, else they will not come out beautifully. And of course, if you don’t know how to play correctly with your facial features, then it might create havoc for you.

Thus, have a look at the following tips and tricks which will help to bring out the best in your big eyes using eyeliner. Below given are some of the best tricks to apply eyeliner on big eyes.

1. Highlight

The trick with big eyes is to highlight them. Thus, make sure that along with eyeliner, you apply some highlighter along the brow bone also. This will bring the best in your eyes and it will pop out beautifully.

2. Thick Eyeliner Trick

If you want to keep your big eyes simple yet attractive, then wear your eyeliner as thick as possible. You can wear the thick eyeliner on upper line as well as waterline. Apply it wherever you are comfortable. But, you must remember that the upper line should be thick as compared to the waterline. This will look beautiful on the big eyes.

3. Shimmer Eyeliners

Shimmer eyeliners goes a long way in case of big eyes. Shimmer can take your big eyes a level higher. Shimmer will bring out the best drama in your eyes. So, apply your shimmery eyeliner and see how dramatic your eye makeup looks.

4. Emphasize Inner Corners

Apply eyeliner at the inner corner of the eyes. This will bring out the dimension in your bigger eyes. It will look beautiful and will have a flawless effect on your eyes. And, if you buy nude eyeliners, then they go beautifully at the inner corner of your eyes and also have a highlighting effect on your eyes.

5. Coloured Eyeliners

Why don’t you try with colored eyeliners? When you have big beautiful eyes, then play with some colours. Wear some beautiful coloured eyeliners and play with your big eyes.

6. Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is one of the most beautiful way to play with your big eyes. Just create a wing at your upper line and leave the water line vacant. This will give the perfect look of a retro look and will also look gorgeous on the eyes.

7. Cat Eyes

Cat Eyes are another beautiful way to play with your big eyes. This will create lots of drama and will bring the best out of your big eyes.