Fall is the time of change. Time for nature to change its appearance, and time for you to change yours. And there’s no better way to go about it, than starting with your hair. The sunny, platinum blond that looked amazing during the summer is somewhat out of place in autumn. But what color should you dye it? According to the professional recommendations of hairstylists Caroline Mitgang of New York City’s Paul Labrecque Salon and Michelle Lee of Salon Eva Michelle in Boston, the trendiest options for hair color this fall are leaning towards deeper, earthier tones.

“People start to go for earthier tones, because after the leaves start changing, your wardrobe tends to get darker as well,” Mitgang tells Instyle. “I think across the board in all color categories, people are starting to wear colors that are a little more natural and autumnal.”

Here are the five coolest hair tones that will be perfect for this fall season.

1. Beige blonde

The platinum strands that served you so well during the last few months may be difficult to give up. But if you are determined to keep that hair color, it’s best to add a few beige-toned lowlights to get a more autumnal look. This way, the striking effect will get a little bit toned down, and your hair will look wonderful. Sort of like Chrissy Teigen’s. “It’s just a hint deeper than your platinum, and it’s a little easier to maintain,” Mitgang said.

2. Rich chocolate

A deep chocolate brown tone is perfect for the fall season, but you may want to enhance the richness of the color by investing in gloss. Your hair will look amazingly shiny, just like Priyanka Chopra’s! And if you aren’t into uniform colors, you could consider adding some highlights. Lee advises using amber and cashmere tones. “They add a little warmth to the cool weather,” she says. To make your hair easier to maintain, go for a balayage effect.

3. Copper

It’s always a great time to be a redhead! This hair tone looks trendy in every season. “If you have a good, true auburn like Bryce Dallas Howard’s, then stick with it,” Mitgang says. “Don’t try to go blonde or brunette, red hair looks good all the time.” However, you can still add an extra dimension and get a more striking effect by adding a few lowlights. “Keep the color light and airy, with natural, subtly-blended warm tones,” advises Lee.

4. Bronde

Is it blonde? Is it brunette? No, it bronde! This mixture of both blonde and brunette is predicted to remain popular throughout this year. As with the platinum tone, the same goes for this one: make sure that the bronde effect isn’t too bright and summery. “It’s easier to maintain that you are still a brunette that way, but darker highlights like a deep gold or caramel are very flattering,” Mitgang reveals. “The color gives brown hair a boost without being too damaging.”

5. Rose gold

The New York City-based hairstylist predicts that some of the trendiest hair tones this autumn will be reflecting the most popular fall jewelry, especially rose gold. “If you’ve already got a bleached-out base for creative color, go for a pink with just a hint of beige to it,” she says. “It’s not a true pink, but the beige adds a softer, earthy tone that cools it down, similar to a sepia filter.” Make sure to get some color-depositing conditioner in the appropriate tone to keep the lovely hue of your hair from fading.

Source: metdaan.com