Milabu says this hairstyle makes her look like a Russian badass. When a woman begins a tutorial with the famous Taxi Driver “Are you looking at me?!” quote delivered in a thick Eastern European accent, one has to agree! We’re hooked and loving it.

In this badass tutorial, Milabu demonstrates a quick way to do a perfect slicked-back badass look.

This look was initially popularized by King Louis XV’s mistress, the actress and singer Madame Pompadour. Her trendsetting has had a profound influence on both men and women, as The Pompadour keeps becoming fashionable again every time we think its days have been numbered.

From Elvis, through all the mods on the Southern coast of England and all the guidos in New Jersey and Philadelphia, to Scarlett Johansson and Taylor Swift – slicked-back hair is a symbol of coolness for many generations.

And even if it does become unfashionable one day, history has shown that’s bound to be temporary. So allow Milabu to teach you how to slick yours back – and get thee some attitude.


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