Saint Patrick’s Day is a cultural and religious celebration held on the 17 March. It is the traditional death date of Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland and the best excuse to party. Green is the theme and the whole world gets to partake in this Irish festivity. Here’s how to get your makeup on to honor the Irish.

YouTube vloggers are using all the inspiration to create some of the best looks for Saint Patrick’s Day. Remember, all green. Cassidy Harris has shared a makeup tutorial for us which you can easily recreate today for the party tonight. Let’s see:


Cassidy already is done with the face since she is going to concentrate more on the eyes. But she is careful enough to tell us that she used primer, foundation, concealer and powder. Later on, she applies highlighter in her cheeks.


Now, save the drama for your mama!! No, leaving all jokes beside this eye makeup is done with a bright, beautiful, green eyeshadow. On the crease she creates a sparkly line using brown too. The colors combine so well it could be reminiscent of a low mist over an Irish bog. The makeup artist lines her waterline with a dark black.


Lips are kept neutral with a nude shade to not detract attention from the Irish eyes. Which of course, are smiling.

She completes here lovely leprechaun look with green attire and accessories. This is the one day you cannot go overboard on everything green.

To see more, click below on the video.