If you are the type that chooses natural makeup on a daily basis then you basically need 5 minutes to get ready. Keeping things simple always feels better and you avoid an oily face in the summer time. Foundation, eyelashes, powder, lipstick and you’re ready to go.

Famous YouTube beauty phenomenon and freelance makeup artist Christen Dominique whose online fame extends to her Instagram account has now achieved over 1 million followers. Her tutorials are very helpful where the 30-year-old shares her personal tricks and techniques. In her recent tutorial, we are going to see how she does her basic makeup in only 5 minutes!


She starts with foundation and concealer. Then, uses powder to set everything in place. Nothing would be complete without bronzer and highlighter to create some definition and glowy skin.


The eye makeup is actually very simple. When she applies bronzer to her face, she goes with the same brush and creates a crease in her eye lids. Then the makeup artist grabs her favorite mascara and brushes through her eyelashes.


What’s better than nudes to keep everything natural?

What do you guys think? 5 minutes to perfection, can you beat it?

Source: metdaan.com

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