Ah, mermaids. Those wondrous creatures that only exist in fairytales, but are still magical to behold. Or do they? We never really grasped the fact that they don’t exist now, didn’t we?

Shh. We know you want to be a mermaid.

We do to. Ask every pool we’ve been to. We made up so many stories in those ten second series under water!

Truth be told, mermaids aren’t actually the same case as Santa Claus, being that Santa Claus was created by the Coca-Cola Corporation to promote the holidays. Following on that, mermaids weren’t created by Disney to promote fairy tale creatures. Mermaids are actually part of the folklore of quite a few nations, including the Near East, Ancient Greece, the British Isles and more.

So, until you hear that call from the sea to finally be true to yourself and become the mermaid you always knew you were, practice this mermaid look by NikkieTutorials. You never know when you might need

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