The longer the hair, the more you’ll need to do to keep it looking good. That’s usually how it goes.

A lot of women cut their hair short so they don’t have to spend that much time and money on products to keep it all tidy. But, of course, there are those few special women who have hair the length of the president’s limo. There’s just something about women with obscenely long hair that just makes them even more beautiful. Especially if they have blonde or highlighted hair.

Of course, every woman with nice hair loves a hack or two to keep the hair looking presentable, right? Well, Mimi from Luxy Hair shows five interesting hair hacks that every girl should definitely try.

In the video, Mimi shows how to do stuff like a braid crown just by using extensions, or 3-minute curls that are very easy to do and don’t require much time at all.

The viewers are claiming in the comments section that the video is very good and that these hacks work.

One viewer states and I quote: “I love her videos because when she says easy it is easy. :)”

Certainly gives you a reason to go check it out. Let us know in the comments what you think of it!