The struggle is real when it comes to picking out the best mascara for you.

For me, I like the thin combs that coat every single eyelash as you sweep your way through, but for others, the bigger the wand the better.

However the best-selling mascara online has been revealed and it turns out that for most people, it’s all about definition.

The best-selling mascara is Lancôme’s $52 Definicils Mascara.

According to a study by Rank and Style, Lancôme’s $52 Definicils Mascara
is the ultimate beauty buy on the internet right now.

The product, which has been on the beauty scene for years now, never fails to impress, with each lash being coasted from root to tip in mascara.

Rank and Style didn’t just study the best mascara as they also listed Nars velvet matte lip pencil as the best in the business right now online and Giorgio Armani’s Lumious Silk Fuondation as the best foundation.

As for concealer, Dermablend’s quick fix concealer came in at number one and as for eyeliner, the top spot went to Almay’s liquid eyeliner.

There’s a mascara hack that you need to know about. Stock image used.

The top blush spot went to Mac and Physicians Formula won the best bronzer place.

And if you’re a fan of mascara we found the ultimate hack that will save you a lot of time in the mornings.

The whole thing was revealed on a Reddit thread, where one user why she likes her Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara in the mini version.

“Could someone please tell me why I LOVE the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara when it comes in a DS tube, but the full size seems like a totally different product?, “
the woman asked on the thread called: “I feel stupid for asking this”

“It seems drier than the DS and doesn’t seem to separate my lashes the same. I’ve used about 6 of the DS tubes and finally gave in and bought a full size during sales, and I’m having all kinds of regrets,” she continued.

“Is it a different formula for the smaller size, or am I just imagining things?”

We love the Benefit they’re real! lengthening mascara mini which retails for $20.

People were quick to reply with their own take on the mini-size beauty items, which many believe are better than the full-size versions.

“There’s a wacky urban legend that samples and testers are actually better and more longlasting than the full size,” one person said.

“This supposedly is especially true for fragrances and such.

“It makes sense in the way that the company wins anyway – either you buy the full size or keep buying samples or smaller sizes which are generally more expensive per ounce.”

Others said that they’ve noticed sample sizes can turn out to be a lot different than the larger product once they purchase it.

“I told a makeup person friend I got a sample size of BTS to try, and she said ‘whatever you do, don’t get the full size, it’s different than the sample.’ I don’t know why, but you are definitely not the only one to notice,” one person said.

Bobbi Brown Bottom Lash Mascara retails for $28.

Another person said that the bigger mascaras distribute too much product on to the lashes and the product is to bulky.

“I’m convinced that I just don’t like full sized mascaras,” the woman said.

“There’s too much product that comes out on the wand so you either wipe some off (wasting expensive product) or deal with messy lashes until there’s a more reasonable amount in the tube but shortly after it’s dried up/gone.

“Also the wands are just bigger and bulkier which magnifies the problem with the amount of product.”

We tend to agree that sample size products are not only simple to carry around and give you an understanding of what you’re buying into but they also appear to give us longer lashes with even amounts of coverage.