With the weather heating up, we need to start getting ready for summer, and that means bright and fruity colors. Fruit comes in all sorts of fun and textures, so you can always be creative and create something amazing. In the list below you can get some inspiration and do your thing. Enjoy!

1. Citrus Base (Not Basic)

You can cover your bases with lemons and lime.

2. An Apple A Day Keeps Your Nails Lookin’ Cray

This looks is very suitable for a “back to school”. Apples are good for your nails too.

3. Orange You Glad We Included Oranges

Can you feel this? Absolutely gorgeous.

4. When You Just Can’t Decide

If you have a lot of favorite fruits and you can’t decide, don’t. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

5. Make Your Digits Kiwi Krazy

These lovely shades of green and the kiwi design are such a beautiful match. So fruity!

6. 3D And Fruity

Pretty creative.

7. Strawberries Are Perfect If You’re Craving Polka-Dots

If you like fruit-inspired nail designs and also something dotted…Strawberries! Dot until you drop.

8. There’s Pine In My Apple

Oh, nevermind, it looks pretty awesome!

9. Realism Is Not Just For Oil Paintings

This is an example of how awesome fruit can look on a nail.

10. Cartoon-y Fruit Is Adorable

This look is great for kids or kids at heart. I am melting!

11. One Little Detail

You would be amazed to see what kind of difference one little detail can make.

12. Backgrounds Are Fun Too

Play with backgrounds to emphasize different flavors like so. The effect is totally hot.

Source: metdaan.com