Is there anything cooler than a pair of faded, distressed jeans? If you’ve seen a pair of distressed designer jeans in an outlet and sighed over it, at the sheer beauty of it as well as the ridiculous price tag that comes with it, we have good news for you. What would you say if we told you that you can make your own pair of faded jeans for a fraction of the cost of what some brands would charge?


Quick, get all the items listed below to get started on your DIY bleached jeans project.

How to Bleach Jeans

  • Things Needed
  • Rubber Gloves
  • Plastic Bucket
  • Liquid Bleach
  • Some Old Newspaper
  • A Pair Of Fabric Cutting Scissors.

Yes, believe it or not, those are all the items you need to make your very own faded jeans.

How To Bleach Jeans Step By Step

Step 1

Fill the bucket with a one part bleach and one part water solution. Make sure you have enough to submerge the jeans fully. Do this outdoors as the fumes from the bleach can be harmful if inhaled in an enclosed space. Don’t forget to put on your gloves before handling the bleach. You can spread the old newspapers around the bucket to catch any spills.

Step 2

Submerge your jeans in the prepared solution, making sure it is evenly exposed to the bleach. Avoid bunching up your jeans or you might end up with uneven bleached out patterns on your jeans. Leave the jeans in the solution for thirty minutes and then check every ten minutes till it reaches the desired result.

Step 3

Throw your jeans in the washing machine and wash it twice without any detergent. Using detergent on your freshly bleached jeans can cause them to turn yellow. Also, once washed, let your jeans dry in a shaded area. Do not use the dryer to dry them out as that too can lead to a yellow tint. Once your jeans dries, the bleach has done its job and you can now use the scissors to distress the jeans as you wish.

Step 4

Flaunt your awesome washed out, distressed jeans to your friends.

How To Make Bleached Shorts

DIY bleached jean shorts can be done the same way as mentioned above. But if you want a little more adventure and want to try out an ombre effect with your denim shorts, then here is a quick guide to it.

Step 1

Mix one part bleach with two parts water in a bucket. Place your jean shorts in the solution, making sure only the ends are submerged in it. The fabric will soak up the solution and the effects of the bleach will start to show a few inches higher to where the fabric meets the bleach solution. So dip it accordingly. You can either place the shorts carefully with the ends in the solution and the rest hanging outside the bucket. Or you can use a hanger to dip the shorts in the bleach solution by placing it across the top of the bucket.

Step 2

Leave the shorts in the solution for half an hour and then check to see progress. If you are satisfied with the bleaching, remove shorts and wash it in the washing machine with plain water. Let it air dry in the shade and ta-da! Your DIY bleached shorts are ready.

How To Spray Bleach

For bleaching jeans you can also use the spray bleach method. Read on to know how to bleach jeans using the spray method.

Step 1

Take a clean spray bottle and add one part of bleach to three parts of water. Now take plastic tarp or some sheets of newspaper and lay it on the floor. Now place your jeans or shorts on the tarp/newspapers so that you don’t dirt your floors.

Step 2

Bleaching jeans lighter is an easy thing to do with this method. Now if you want to bleach your jeans only on one side, ball up some newspaper and stuff it in the legs of your pants. This will prevent the bleach to soak through completely. In case you are beaching a jean jacket, you can stuff the newspaper in the sleeves of your jacket.

Step 3

Because your are using the spray method for denim bleaching process, it is best to wear a safety goggles which will protect your eyes form the harmful fumes of the bleach.

Step 4

Now you can use different denim bleaching techniques. If you want an all over bleached look then you can adjust the nozzle of your spray bottle so that there is a concentrated blast of bleach. However, if you want a weathered look, then you can lightly mist the jeans.

Step 5

While using this method for how to bleach denim, you can bring out your creative side by using a masking tape to create a stencil on the pants and spray inside the stencil to make some nice designs.

Step 6

Let the bleach sit on your pants for 5 to 10 minutes so that the bleach is completely soaked in. Then you can wash the bleached jeans in the washing machine and let it dry completely.

How To Machine Bleach

Bleaching black jeans white is another great way to give a new life to your old black jeans.

Step 1

Soak your pants in a bucket filled with a gallon of warm water and a 1/4 cup of bleach. Let the pants soak for 5 minutes.

Step 2

Use the warm/hot setting in your washing machine. But if the label on your pant says to use only cold water, then use only cold water.

Step 3

The next step in bleaching black denims is to take it our of the bucket and out it in the washing machine. Add your regular laundry detergent and 3/4 cup of bleach.

Step 4

The final step is to let the machine complete a regular cycle and then you can either use the drier option or dry your bleached black jeans in the natural way. You can use the same process for bleaching dark jeans.

Note: The bleach can sometimes erode the denim, resulting in holes in the fabric or falling out of buttons. There can also sometimes be yellow stains caused when the bleach does not evenly fade out the fabric. If that happens, you can try bleaching it again to see if the yellow stains disappear. You can always sew the buttons back on. As for the possibility of holes, just go with the flow and make them a part of your distressed jeans look.

We’re pretty confident that this article has enlightened you about all that you needed to know about how to bleach jeans. So why not schedule a DIY bleached jeans project to try out this weekend? Also don’t forget to check our other posts on how to get bleach out of jeans.


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