We never tire of new braid hairstyles. They are very suitable for every event, day or night but who really seems to enjoy them the most are little kids. Wearing floral dresses or outfits they look just look so darn cute.

Today, we are going to share this braid hairstyle for little and grown up girls. It’s a very special process that I am sure you have never seen before. YouTube channel Cute Girls Hairstyles shares something new every week – so here it is.

Let’s get to the look.

So, it is better if you start with wet hair because the flock of hair stays better together. On each side of the head you are going to create a braid leaving some hair like a waterfall.

Tie the braids with hair elastics and go back to the pieces in the front. You will now have to create another braid near the first one and after you finish on two sides, pull it over the first one.

Repeat the procedure on other side of the head. After you’re done, tie them together in the back and leave it like a pony tail or create another braid making it look like a flower. Finished!

To see all the details, click on the video down below. Enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com