YouTube’s one and only Christen Dominique takes us through yet another one of her makeup videos.

This LA beaut is an influential YouTube vlogger hosting videos such as makeup tutorials, celebrity looks, travel vlogs and way more exciting topics.

For the look today I would only recommend that you wear it by night. It is quite a dewy, but challenging and bold look. The eye shadow is leaning more toward a ‘night out’ look.

Prime your face with your regular, go-to product. Do the same when it comes to the choice for the foundation.

Whatever you do, do not forget to use a beauty sponge for setting the foundation. It is the best way to apply your foundation.

To prime the eye, apply a very subtle, naked tone of eye shadow all over your eye lid.

Pick a transition, peachy shade for the crease.

“It’s really important to use transition shades when you are doing bold eye shadow look. You always want to start with something that is very light and neutral in that same shade range that you are going in and build on that,” says Christen.

Use a dark brown matte shade to define the outer corner of the eye. Work by blending that deep V the best way you can. The outer V is done since it creates an illusion of a more lifted, defined eye!

To further define the outer V, go in with a black satin shade. Proceed by applying a bronze shimmery shade on the rest of the eyelid. Define the eye with an eye liner. Finish the eye by adding false lashes!

Proceed by doing the rest of the face. Use a baby wipe to clean all the residue under the eye. Apply a concealer to hide any dark patches as well as the dark circles under your eyes.

Contour to bring your facial features forth. Apply a gentle amount of bronzer and blush on your cheeks to define them and make the whole look pop!

Never forget or underestimate the highlight! It’s the cherry on top!

Watch the video here for Christen’s inimitable instructions.


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