Have you ever got really lazy to do your hair and you just wished someone else would do it for you? Yup, we have all been there. And if you have a boyfriend hanging around the house, why not make some use out of him? Now, we have seen many challenges when the boyfriend does a vlogger’s makeup but there are only a few about hairstyles.

YouTuber Daisy Marquez in one of her recent videos, got her boyfriend to do her hairstyle. Daisy shares a lot of tutorials when it comes to beauty so this time we are going to see something a bit more relaxed and fun.

She decides on a straight hairstyle so her boyfriend uses the Hair Straightening Brush which is actually a new product. It looks like a hair brush but it has heat so it’s super easy to use. It produces a good result in the end. The straightening brush is also really cool because it saves you a lot of time and you can finish everything up in under 10 minutes.

While doing Daisy’s hair, they also do a Q&A for everyone that might have a question or two about the couple. Someone asks when do they plan to get married and they respond that before the big step there is “a dog” planned.

The result turns to be very good and you can see how well the brush works. To get to know the pair better, click down below.

Source: metdaan.com