If you are a makeup lover, you have to admit that you spend a lot of your time enjoying different makeup tutorials. There are honestly thousands of them on YouTube and other social networks so you will never in your life struggle to find something that will suit you the best.

YouTuber Jessica Clements is known for creating tons of tutorials when it comes to everything about beauty. Even though she likes to go natural most of the time, she enjoys being creative and try more dramatic looks. This time she still comes with something soft but really powerful.

This is a “Get Ready With Me” look but also a very chatty one. You will get to know the YouTuber better through the video where she reveals a lot of information about herself. Jessica also tells us that one of her favorite shows is Rick and Morty. Let’s get started, makeup lovers.


So when the video starts, her face and eyebrows are already done. We can clearly see that her foundation matches her skin tone. After doing the eye makeup, Jessica adds blush, bronzer and highlighter to the face.


For the eye makeup, she decides to experiment a little bit. She goes with a brown eyeshadow look which looks very cute on her blue eyes. Then, she uses a purple eyeliner but it turns out darker than she really thought. Anyways, the liner still looks pretty good in the end. The makeup artist finishes with mascara.


To complete this whole look, she decides on a rose-gold color which she later adds some sparkles to, creating a metallic look. So beautiful!

What do you guys think about this makeup tutorial? Is it a winner?

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Source: metdaan.com